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Sale and cutting of advertising materials

Acrylic, PVC, PPP, polystyrene, plexiglass, composite, plywood or film … Just show us your layout in vector – we will cut for you any design on any advertising material to the nearest millimeter!

Materials for any advertising ideas

No matter how many services the price lists of the advertising and production agency “SENS” include, there will still be a client who wants to do everything himself. Like, you just cut, mill, glue and continue on the list. And interestingly, we love such clients no less than those who trust us with all the work from layout to installation. At least because these people know exactly what they want: up to a centimeter and a millimeter of film and plastic.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the sale of advertising materials is one of the important areas of our work. Our managers will offer you materials for any advertising ideas. If you need sheet plastics, we advise you to pay attention to OCTOPLAN PVC Classic (Asia), PVC plastics OCTOPLAN PVC Budget (Asia), OCTOPLAN PVC Premium (Europe); polystyrene; PET plastics; SAN and others; ALTUGLAS acrylics and POLYCRYL polycryls (Europe); RITRAMA self-adhesive films (Europe), ORACAL oracle (Europe), PROFITAPE profiteering (Asia).

If you are looking for double-sided tape and adhesive tape, it is better to make it foam, acrylic tape, thin film tape, fabric-based adhesive tape from HPX (Europe). And adhesives and cosmetic materials for advertising – polycryl POLYCRYL (Europe), plastic PLASTI-FIX (Asia), plastic PLASTI-CA (Asia), cosmofen COSMOFEN (Europe).


Among aluminum composite panels for the production of advertising signs, sewing facades of buildings and interior design, we always recommend TM “Ecobond” ECOBOND, as well as provide all the necessary components. Here you can buy banner fabrics PRINTEX PRINTEX (Asia) cast and laminated, different roll widths.

Well, advertising lighting equipment, LED lighting products (modules of different types of RGB light and white, different tension and expansion), living blocks and other components – you can always buy from us.

The customer’s order does not end with the choice of advertising materials. The question immediately arises where all this can be cut efficiently, quickly, profitably. For such tasks we have an L-Laser laser engraving machine, Woodpecker Camaro engraving and milling machine, Jaguar plotter. Professional equipment that performs high-precision cutting of any advertising materials.

When it comes to cutting advertising materials, it is worth mentioning plotter cutting – cutting inscriptions, symbols and drawings on self-adhesive. No order for transport branding, production of stickers, stencils, large-scale printing and, of course, design of shop windows and facades, production of stands is complete without it.


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Remaining questions?

1. What materials do you cut with a laser?

On the laser we cut different thicknesses: acrylic, PET, plywood, polystyrene

2. What materials do you cut on the milling machine?

On the milling machine we cut PVC and acrylic (from 2 to 10 mm), composite (aluminum-composite panels)

3. In what format do you need the file?

For fast calculation we need a file in vector (format cdr, eps, dxf)

4. Do you save my layouts?

Yes, we keep your layouts for 10 years. Therefore, you can always contact us again and place an order again)

5. What is the minimum circulation of the order?

We can make any product with a circulation of 1 pc

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