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Marketers joke: souvenirs are one of the few types of advertising for which they really say “thank you”. Of course, in every joke there is a share of a joke, but “who”, if not the same branded notebook, folder, bag, pen, cup, will strengthen partnerships and form a client’s loyalty to the brand? Moreover, today a “souvenir” is not only pens and magnets, but also dated and undated diaries, exclusive calendars, branded car fragrances and much, much more.

Souvenir products perform the function of a mini-presentation of your business, so instead of asking the question of the relevance of such advertising, you should ask another question: where is it better to order a T-shirt or a pen with a logo. It is clear that in the advertising and production agency “SENS” – so you will immediately receive the services of a designer (to adjust the layout to a specific material or product), and high-quality printing of your logo on all types of surfaces, and other necessary options.

Indeed, your ideas and our possibilities for the production of promotional souvenirs are endless. However, at least one “restriction” we must voice: as with gifts, you cannot save on the manufacture of souvenirs.

After all, only high-quality and beautiful souvenir products will find their place on the desktop of a client or partner and will remind you of your brand, product or service.

BTL advertising, despite its mysterious name, is familiar to each of us, regardless of what role we interact with a product or service – as a buyer or seller. BTL (from English below-the-line “under the border”) is advertising aimed at a narrow target audience. Running targeted Facebook ads or handing out postcards near the supermarket can all be called BTL.

Advertising and production agency “SENS” has been working in the field of BTL services since its inception (which is 15 years of work). This means that we have at our disposal a proven base of promoters and supervisors for any promotional event: postcard distribution, industry exhibition, thematic presentation, gift exchange center, organization of holidays and store openings, exhibitions, fairs, etc. In addition, we can always strengthen and speed up the campaign with prompt printing of promotional materials, production of souvenirs and large format printing.

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What is the cost of your services?

Depending on what kind of advertising you need. We will select products and services according to your budget. To calculate you need: layout, circulation, type of material and scope of products.

Are you developing a layout?

Yes, we have two professional designers in the state. According to your vehicle (technical task) and wishes – we will make an individual layout that you will definitely like). And you will be able to see what your products will look like before printing and transfer.

Where can I see your work?

On our site – in the “Gallery” section, on the Instagram page and Facebook – you can go from the site)

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