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Advantages of large format and interior printing

Photographic quality
High resolution wide format printing gives rich colors, a wide range of colors, "live" picture
Resistance to burnout
Long-term use does not depend on the effects of precipitation, sunlight, temperature changes
Environmental friendliness of components
We work only with certified eco-solvent inks and materials from European manufacturers
Affordable prices from the manufacturer
Own professional equipment provides the optimal cost of advertising services for interior and outdoor use

Great game for large format printing

As one of the greats said: show me the breadth of your views – and I will tell you what size large-format advertising you print. We joke, but there is only a fraction of a joke in a joke. Each of us has our own breadth of views, and the task of a good integrated agency is to prevent it from narrowing down to such a scale that it becomes a point invisible on paper.

Actually, for the sake of this, we are one of the first advertising and production agency “SENS” in Zhytomyr and started a big game of large-format interior printing. And in order not to deny pleasure to ourselves or people, for our advanced equipment fleet, we were one of the first in Ukraine to purchase and install the largest player in the large-format printing market – the Mimaki SWJ-320 EA grand-format interior printer.

This machine prints on banners, films, paper with a width of 3200 mm. It is capable of printing any large-format printing with unrealistic speed. The printing speed allows you to produce 4 full-fledged posters for billboards or 16 posters for city lights in 1 hour!

High print resolution makes the picture of photographic quality, and eco-solvent ink is safe and resistant to precipitation, sunlight, and temperature extremes. By the way, we have more than one Mimaki printing press. Three more Roland RF 640 interior printers with a print width of 1600 mm are responsible for operational printing at SENS production.

Now you know that you can always buy large-format printing from us inexpensively, urgently and with high quality, without limiting your breadth of views on advertising in anything: it can be large-format printing on a banner, on canvas, on film, on self-adhesive, on a grid, on paper. All of them are suitable for both outdoor and indoor advertising – large-format printing on canvas, large-format printing of photos, paintings, posters is also included in the list of our capabilities. All that is required of you is to leave a request for printing for our managers, who will calculate the entire cost of the order: layout design, printing, installation of fixtures and installation.

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Benefits of working with us

SENS is a strong team

15 years of experience has allowed us to become true professionals in the field of advertising. We have a large base of loyal customers and reliable partners

SENS - reliable partners

We work with proven suppliers of advertising materials: We are AVERS dealers. We are Wolf partners. We are friends - PRIME Group

SENS - good advisers

We will make advertising as ourselves :) We will choose for you the best decision on production of your advertising.
With us you will save your time and money

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1. How can I calculate the order?

You can write to us by mail, viber, telegram, call or leave a request on the site in the form. The manager will know all the details and will provide you with a calculation as soon as possible.

2. If I don't have a layout in the right format?

If you do not have a layout, it is in a different format or you need to make changes, our designers will develop a layout from scratch, adapt your layout or make changes quickly

3. What is the cost of developing a layout?

The cost of each layout is calculated individually, depending on the complexity of the work and the time spent by designers on its development. The approximate cost is listed in the “Prices” section of our website

4. How can I pay for the order?

You can pay for the order in any convenient way for you: transfer to the card, pay the bill, pay the VAT invoice, make a payment through the terminal in our office

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